Apr 20, 2020

3 Reasons to Get Editing For Your College Admissions Essays

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According to research from the Pew Research Center, due to increasingly competitive enrollment, many colleges and universities must turn prospective students away in droves. If the competition to get into your school of choice is fierce, you need any edge that you can get. An online essay proofreading service is likely to help immensely. Here’s why.

1) To Tip the Balance in Your Favor When the Choice is Between You and Another Student

Suppose admissions officers are torn between two students, which is a common situation. The two students have similar backgrounds and grade profiles. They would offer similar attributes to the college. How do admissions officers decide which student to admit? Often, it comes down to the college admissions essay or cover letter to put one student over the top. An essay with these qualities is a huge asset:

  • Well-organized
  • Strong points or strong arguments
  • Shows the applicant as self-aware
  • No typos and misspellings
  • Creative
  • No repetitive parts
  • No fluff or filler
  • No embellished words or flowery verbiage
  • Lack of jargon (usually)
  • Tells a story

Chances are, you already do college admissions essay proofreading and editing yourself. That’s a good thing! You might also hand your essay off to teachers and other trusted figures, which can also be a helpful move. However, you will receive true expertise when you entrust your application essay to a proofreading company well-versed in college admissions. You’re too close to your essay to catch all of the typos and grammar and style errors. (It also helps to take a break from your writing for a few days to revisit the essay with fresh eyes.)

Meanwhile, maybe your teacher thinks that fancy words give your essay a boost when this isn’t necessarily the case. Even English teachers don’t always know the ins and outs of grammar and the correct style for these kinds of documents. On the other hand, professional online proofreaders know the intricacies of language and what makes a truly compelling admissions essay.

2) To Work with the Admissions System, Not Against It

Getting into many colleges is a competitive process. If you don’t get help with your essay or letter, you start at a disadvantage. The admissions system exists as it is, with all of its faults and benefits. Why deny yourself the opportunity to go with the flow of the system? Here are some college admissions facts from the Pew Research Center:

  • The volume of applications has increased for schools at all levels.
  • Even less-competitive schools may deny admission to as many as 33% of applicants.
  • The most competitive schools admit fewer than 10% of applicants.

Stanford admits just 4.7% of applicants. The percentage at Harvard is 5.2%, and it’s 6.9% at Yale. Many of these students, if not most, use a proofreading company to revise and proofread their admissions essays.

Here is an important piece of advice: Limit the number of people who proofread your essay or cover letter. As touched on earlier, you might be inclined to hand your work off to teachers or tutors to review. Your parents and friends may be eager to read your writing, too. Their desire to help is kind, but it leads to confusing and conflicting advice, not to mention flat-out unwise suggestions.

The idiom “Too many cooks in the kitchen” applies here. Limit the number of cooks in your kitchen. Work with an online proofreading company instead of eager (but not necessarily helpful) teachers, parents, friends, peers and family members.

3) To Show Who You Are as an International Student

Many international students have a special need for online proofreading. Proportionately, fewer international students are accepted to U.S. schools compared with students from inside the United States. This is understandable since U.S. colleges have logical reasons for accepting a good number of domestic students. However, it puts international students at a bit of a disadvantage. Also, language issues come into play. Many international students speak wonderful English, sometimes better than native speakers. Still, the seemingly small misuse of a phrase looms large in admissions and can hurt international students.

College admissions essay proofreading is done professionally and involves native English speakers with experience editing admissions essays. They see through language errors to help international students show who they are to admissions committees. A lack of natural English phrases should not hold any student back.

Allow Yourself to Shine

Your college admissions essay is an opportunity to showcase your organizational skills, logical processes, creativity and much more. The takeaway: get professional proofreading for your admissions documents, be it an admissions essay, cover letter, or letter of recommendation.

Even the best essayists and novelists enlist editors to make their work shine. It is all too easy to miss simple errors in your own work. It is also easy to overestimate your language abilities and your knowledge of college admissions. Let experienced proofreaders level the playing field for you.

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