Nov 20, 2017

Wordvice Editor Presents at Annual Taiwan Medical Conference

Wordvice KH
Kevin from Wordvice presents at the Transplantation Society of Taiwan’s Annual Conference in Taipei on November 5, 2017.

Manuscript writing is the focus of one presentation at this medical conference

On Sunday, November 5, Wordvice’s content manager, Kevin, was honored to speak as a guest lecturer at the Transplantation Society of Taiwan’s 2017 Annual Conference in Taipei. The topic of the presentation was methods medical researchers can use to edit their work for content, grammar, and style while drafting and revising their manuscripts in order to improve the chances of their work being published in scientific journals.

 The importance of “quality of writing” for getting published

Despite the time constraint due to scheduling, Kevin’s presentation managed to convey essential information for writers, suggesting editing approaches that medical (and other) researchers can practical apply to improve their manuscripts. Although the audience was composed predominately of medical professionals with years of experience working in a highly specialized and technical profession, their clear interest in the presentation shows just how important the basic element of “quality of writing” is to journal publications and how easily it is overlooked by researchers when writing about their research.

For this reason, Lee Wei-Chen, the chairman of the Transplantation Society of Taiwan, considers English writing to be a critical skill for its members and thus proposed including Wordvice’s lecture on manuscript writing as a supplemental this year’s conference schedule. Since journal publication is crucial to any research department, the Taiwan Transplantation Society is heartened to have such a thoughtful, pragmatic chairman at the helm.

Knowing which errors to avoid is half the battle

In the lecture, Kevin shared the results of Wordvice’s thorough 2016-2017 study, which analyzed millions of words of edited text and illuminated the most common writing errors in content, grammar, and style that occur in research papers—errors which he has of course personally encountered during his years of editing experience. Presented in such stark and “scientific” fashion, these results remind even the most seasoned researchers to examine their manuscripts carefully before submitting to journals (and even before sending them to the editor!) in order to increase the chances of their manuscript being published and seen by readers and fellow researchers.

Presentation Synopsis

Topic: The Polished Manuscript: Self-editing to improve quality of writing in research papers


Manuscript content issues

  • Consistency of material
  • Inclusion of appropriate content

Writing and composition issues

  • Correct grammar
  • Effective style
  • Concise sentences

If your institution or organization is interested in inviting Kevin to present a lecture on manuscript writing, please contact Wordvice via email . And feel free to check out our extensive journal submissions articles on our Resources page.