How Much Does Proofreading Online Cost?

So, you have finished drafting your paper, essay, or other crucial document and you need to submit it for publication or send it to your target readers. But wait—your document still needs to undergo a couple of very important steps before it is ready to be viewed by your target readers.

Every written document intended for submission or publication should receive professional editing and proofreading before it reaches its intended audience. And with dozens of companies offering these services online, it is easier than ever to seek the help of an expert to make your writing clear, compelling, and flawless. But how much do editing and proofreading cost? With variations in prices of online proofreading and editing services comes varying levels of quality. Therefore, the best way to get the most thorough revision quality for your money is to shop around for online services and see what some of these companies are offering—and which one is most worth your time and money.

What type of document are you submitting for revision?

Many proofreading services charge the same rates for proofreading any type of document, whether it is for journal manuscript editing, personal essay proofreading, or revising an email you are writing to a prospective employer. Others, like Wordvice Editing Service, offer specialized proofreading and editing services for different types of documents. Wordvice separates document types into categories of academic/research, admissions, business, and individual author texts, and prices vary depending both on the type of document as well as on how fast you need it to be revised and returned to you.

As with most online editing companies, Wordvice tailors much of their work to ESL authors and those who might have difficulty writing and communicating in English. But don’t get us wrong—even native veteran writers who are native English speakers still receive comprehensive editing and proofreading for their most important documents.

How does pricing for proofreading and editing work?

Determining the price you will pay for editing services can be confusing since different companies offer different ways to pay for their services. For instance, editing companies can charge by the hour, by the page, by bulk numbers of words (one price for 1 to 1,000 words; another price for 1,001 to 3,000 words, etc.), or by the individual word. To compare prices, you may want to get a price quotation from a few companies and do the math to determine which company’s rates are the most affordable.

Some companies even request that you send them an email describing your work and other details before offering a final quotation. Now THAT seems complicated. However, several editing and proofreading companies do include a precise price estimator built right into their website. To simplify this process and increase transparency, Wordvice provides an editing price quotation, calculating exactly what you will pay for proofreading and editing once you enter your document type, preferred delivery time, and the word count of your document.

How much does proofreading and editing cost if you are charged by the hour?

Paying hourly rates to revise a written document can be a bit risky. Because editors cannot predict exactly how long it will take to edit or proofread your document, you likely will not find out how much proofreading will cost until after your document has already been revised. This is clearly a problem if money is a consideration (which it is for most) because you will not be able to tell what the value of the service is until it is too late to change your mind.

You often encounter per-hour editing and proofreading service rates if you work directly with freelance proofreaders. Pricing for per-hour proofreading can range anywhere from $10 an hour (with generalists or amateur editors who may not understand the nuances of your work or know how to apply a style guide) all the way up to $100 an hour (with true professional editors who have expertise in your subject area). If you speak and write in English as a second language, you should ensure that the quality of writing in your work is high enough that the editor only needs to focus on proofreading issues–fixing other writing errors will take time and cost more. Another potential problem with paying freelancers for proofreading or editing by the hour is that, if the editor’s work is not particularly strong, you will still have paid for the entire cost of their services. And now you may need to search for another service to re-edit your work.

Whereas charging by bulk words or per hour leaves a lot of questions when it comes to the cost of revision, paying for editing and proofreading online by the word makes it much easier to know exactly how much you will be paying ahead of time. The cost will not depend on how fast the editor can proofread or on how many words are on a given page. Rather, when you pay for editing by the word, you can quickly calculate the final cost of the edit or proofread and then compare it to other services. 

What are proofreading rates per word?

Among professional proofreading services, per-word rates range from $.01 (one cent) to $.10 (ten cents) for “standard” revision, which can include basic style editing, or simply proofreading or copy-editing. But this figure seems a bit too abstract, so let’s apply it to a 1,000- and 4,000-word document and assume that these rates include basic editing and proofreading services. When we do some basic calculations, we can see what these rates amount to in terms of real money you can expect to pay.

Rate per word1,000 words4,000 words
$.01 (one cent)$10.00$40.00
$.05 (five cents)$50.00$200.00
$.10 (ten cents)$100.00$400.00

At Wordvice, we calculate your price using three factors: word count, delivery time, and document type. So a 1,000-word research paper would range in price from around 5 cents per word ($46) for a five-day turnaround time to 8 cents per word ($80) for an express edit of 24 hours. On the other hand, an admissions essay such as an SOP or letter of recommendation would cost 4 cents per word ($40) for a five-day turnaround and 9 cents per word ($90) to have it returned to you within one day. (Our one-week turnaround offers even lower prices, but we do require that these documents have a slightly higher word count.)

We have similar pricing scales for editing of business documents and work by individual authors. Rates are determined by a built-in pricing scale we have developed which takes into account the amount of time and attention different types of written documents require to be fully revised by a professional editor. Our automatic price calculator allows you to see all these proofreading price options in one easy-to-read table and to make changes to fit your budget or scheduling needs.

Wordvice Editing Rates for 1,000 Words of Text
Turnaround TimeAcademic EditingAdmissions EditingBusiness Editing
120 hours (5 days)$40.00$40.00$30.00
72 hours (3 days)$60.00$70.00$42.00
24 hours (1 day)$80.00$90.00$51.75

You are likely to find freelance editors who guarantee professional proofreading services for much cheaper. But keep in mind that when you hire a freelancer, you never know whether you will get a professional or thorough edit. Likewise, there are many generic online editing services out there that offer incredibly low prices. But there will be some important questions to consider: Can you get a refund if there are any errors left in the work? Does the company hire editors with the proper background and experience to handle your important document? If the answer to both these questions is not a confident “yes,” then you may want to avoid choosing these proofreading or editing services if you care about the writing quality of your final draft.

Regardless of turnaround time, document type, or total word count of your document, we guarantee that any document you submit to Wordvice will be fully and professionally edited by an editor with expertise in the subject area or topic of your work. In fact, we guarantee complete satisfaction and 100% language accuracy and will work to revise your document until we have met your expectations.

So if you are looking for true professional editing and proofreading online at affordable prices, look no further than Wordvice. We have helped thousands of researchers, students, and business professionals achieve their goals through excellent writing.

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