How to Choose a Proofreader for Your Dissertation or Thesis

As a graduate student, completing a research thesis or dissertation is a huge undertaking. It is also one of the most important writing goals you will fulfill during your academic career. You must invest a lot in time, resources, and personal energy, and success is crucial. But only a finished paper that meets a high academic standard and has no grammar or punctuation errors will withstand the strict examination and defense process of most dissertation committees.

  1. Why should I proofread a dissertation or thesis? Because of the size of this task, it is wise to seek qualified assistance from professional thesis proofreaders or editors for your thesis or dissertation. Even for writing veterans, an academic manuscript will still benefit from substantive editing to improve sentence structure and proofreading to fix all language errors. For a master’s thesis or PhD dissertation, get language editing and proofreading to make sure that your writing is of high quality and free of language errors. After spending hundreds of hours writing a thesis or dissertation, the last thing research authors want to think about is how to proofread and edit their work. However, authors must first read through their work first to make sure that it makes sense and to find missing content or unclear arguments. There are many dissertation and thesis resources online to guide authors in writing their thesis or dissertation and show them common mistakes to avoid. But when it is time to prepare their research text for review committees and publication, most academic authors struggle to find the errors in their writing. Almost any passage can contain unclear, unnatural, or awkward language. For ESL students (non-native English speakers), gaining the help of a master thesis proofreader or PhD dissertation editor can prove vital to academic success.
  2. Factors to consider when choosing a thesis or dissertation proofreader Now that you have decided to get proofreading for your academic document, you might be wondering how to choose a highly qualified proofreader. If you work with research peers who understand the rules of the English language, ask them to spare a few hours to revise your work. Consider asking mentors, advisors, scholars, or fellow students for their help. You could also consult a freelance proofreader with a specialty in thesis and dissertation editing. All are excellent options. But remember that not all researchers are great at correcting errors in language, grammar, and punctuation. And while many academic freelancers do provide high-quality, professional thesis editing, most charge significantly higher prices for their proofreading work.
Find an editor who understands academic conventions and the needs of your dissertation or thesis.

Should I get professional thesis editing or dissertation assistance?

Here are a few criteria to consider if you decide to choose a professional proofreading service.

  1. Service quality and client reviews Read reviews from proofreading service clients. These often appear on the Google search results page, but they can also be found on the company’s website.
  2. Subject expertise and advanced degrees Do the service’s proofreaders have advanced academic degrees (PhD or master’s) and scientific or research backgrounds? Have they done master thesis proofreading before? Do they have professional dissertation editors with subject expertise in your paper’s academic field? Expertise improves editing and proofreading quality.
  3. Proofreading prices How much does proofreading a thesis cost? How much does PhD dissertation editing cost? A dissertation editor charges more than a dissertation proofreader, but proofreading prices are relatively similar for all types of academic documents. Avoid editing companies with excessively cheap proofreading rates, since the quality is likely substandard.
  4. Turnaround time How long does proofreading take? Are there less expensive options for longer delivery times? A range of turnaround time options is helpful, as your needs may vary depending upon your budget and schedule.
  5. Customer support Ensure that the proofreading company offers great service for its clients. Locate contact information so that you can contact a representative in case issues arise. Additionally, companies that promise a “satisfaction guarantee” often offer re-edits in case of any mistakes in the edited document.
Editing and proofreading for academic documents greatly enhances the impact of your research writing.

Wordvice offers all-in dissertation and thesis proofreading services

While you can receive editing and proofreading at different points in the revision process, many scholars opt for “all-in” revision that includes both services in one. Wordvice Editing Service provides the best online proofreading services in the industry. We hire the most qualified editors and proofreaders to revise your work, each with over five years of experience editing academic papers. Our standard Academic Editing Services include both editing and proofreading and are highly recommended for any of the following specific services you require:

  • Journal manuscript editing
  • PhD Thesis editing and proofreading
  • Master’s dissertation editing and proofreading
  • Thesis and dissertation formatting

We have subject experts from almost every academic field (from biology to computer science, medicine to history), so your writing will be revised by a true expert. Our turnaround times are also flexible to meet your document’s submission requirements. But don’t take our word for it—just read reviews from the thousands of Wordvice academic editing and proofreading clients.

Improving your dissertation or thesis doesn’t have to be a struggle. With the right editor or proofreader, you will be surprised by how much the clarity of your writing will improve with expert editing and proofreading.

Additionally, getting a thesis or dissertation edited can actually provide a learning tool you can apply while planning, drafting, and revising your work. Pay attention to the proofreading marks the editor applies to your text and note any grammar or punctuation mistakes you tend to make. Upload your document to Wordvice and succeed with the best thesis and dissertation editing services in the business.

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