Jan 10, 2018

[Video] How to Compose a Journal Submission Cover Letter

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Writing a cover letter is an essential part of the journal submission process. A strong cover letter can impact an editor’s decision to consider your research paper further and ultimately determine whether to publish it in their journal.

This video focuses on the specific content that should be included in a submissions cover letter and gives an in-depth analysis of a sample cover letter to show researchers how to carry out this important task.

This video includes:

  • An explanation of why the cover letter is important
  • A detailed list of what it should include (and exclude)
  • Close-up view of a sample journal submissions cover letter

Video Outline:

  1. Introduction into what a journal submissions cover letter does
  2. Detailed checklist for information to be included in the letter
  3. Sample cover letter with template language you can insert into your own letter

Who should watch this video:

★Those submitting their research paper to a journal
★Anyone interested in the journal submissions process

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