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Guide to English Thesis and Journal Submission
How to Choose the Best Journal Title For your Manuscript

The title is the first thing editors and researchers see. Follow these tips to craft a fitting and effective title.

100+Strong Verbs That Will Make Your Research Writing Amazing

Catch your reader’s attention and give your writing impact with these power verbs.

The Parts Of A Research Paper : IMRD

Knowing which information to put in which section is essential to writing a strong research paper. Learn about these parts in this short video.

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Thumbnail Writing the Results Section for a Research Paper

The Results section of a scientific research paper represents the core findings of a study derived from the methods applied to gather and analyze information. This article details how to construct and compose and effective Results section.

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Thumbnail A Guide to Paraphrasing in Research Papers

Why Should You Paraphrase? “Paraphrasing” is expressing the meaning of someone else’s words in your own words instead of quoting directly. Paraphrasing is applied both by the author of the text and by paper editors during the revision process. By paraphrasing effectively, you can: save space and keep your study more focuseddistill complex information into […]

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