Nov 15, 2017

[Video] 6 Tips for Answering the University of California’s Personal Insight Questions

Wordvice KH

In addition to completing the Common or Coalition Application, the University of California requires all undergraduate applicants to respond to several questions that give the admissions committee some personal insight into your personality and potential. This video provides some helpful tips on how to approach writing these responses.

Who will find this information useful?

  • First-year or transfer students interested in applying to any of the UC schools
  • Anyone who needs guidance on writing a persuasive essay

This video will provide you with:

  • Overview of the UC personal insight question requirements
  • 6 tips for how to brainstorm and write these responses
  • Further information and resources

Video Outline:

  1. Introduction to UC’s Personal Insight Questions
  2. What you need to include in your response
  3. Brainstorming some approaches
  4. Essay dos and don’ts
  5. Sample anecdotes for “showing” versus “telling”
    For more information and writing tips, please visit the University of California’s admissions website, and please check out our Resources page for tips and guidance on many other essays.