Jun 16, 2022

Wordvice Ranked Best Admissions Essay Editing Service in Wired.com Review

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Getting into a top college or university is not an easy feat these days, even for superb students. Within the past decade, many major universities have cut their acceptance rates by as much as 50%. Increasing numbers of international applications at Ivy League schools and other elite institutions means applicants must not only have impeccable grades and test scores but that they also have a compelling story that distinguishes them from thousands of other shining candidates. Therefore, when applying to top schools, writing a strong admissions essay is an essential, not an extra.

But many students neglect the importance of editing and proofreading their admissions essays. You need to ensure that your writing is not only free of grammar and punctuation errors, but that it also has natural and appropriate language, flows logically, and contains anecdotes and other content that will impress admissions committees enough to get you into your school of choice.

As good as your writing may be, even veteran writers use editors to improve their work and give it that extra ounce of polish. In short, an unedited essay is generally far less likely to get you into a great school—this is especially true if English is not your first language or if you have limited experience writing essays.

Which service should I choose to edit my admissions essay?

One great option is to let a professional editing company revise your work—preferably one that is reputable and employs highly qualified editors but is also affordable and can quickly deliver your edited essay. And according to a 2019 article in Wired.com, the company that best meets these standards is, in fact, Wordvice Editing Service.

One Wired tech reviewer performed a blind study of four leading editing companies, evaluating them in terms of cost and quality of editing.

“When I received the revised essays, I reviewed them…The reviews were done blind, without indicating the source of any of the edits, and we all rated each essay on a 1 to 10 scale.”

When judged against the revisions completed by the other three top editing companies, the admissions essay sample edited by the Wordvice editor came out on top, earning the highest score according to these rigorous criteria, especially when price was factored in. (We won’t list all the scores here—but let’s just say it wasn’t that close.)

“Total price: $15.32, five-day turnaround promised. Edit received after four days…Wordvice’s edit was the overall favorite of the quartet, and the finished draft reads cleanly and clearly.”

Our staff here at Wordvice had no prior knowledge that this experiment was being conducted, and we were pleasantly shocked to find out that we were featured in a Wired.com article! But we weren’t at all surprised at the results or about the superior performance of our editor. Our editing quality standards help ensure that every single admissions document we edit and proofread (from editing for Common App Essays to graduate SOP proofreading, to editing for recommendation letters and scholarship applications) is revised thoroughly and with attention to the objectives of the text. We focus on enhancing the elements that make for great writing, even providing constructive marginal comments for authors on improving content and expression.

Our Premium Admissions Editing Service gives undergraduates and graduate school candidates the most thorough revisions and feedback of any service on the market.

A high standard of editing quality equals consistently positive results.

While we are happy with the win, we can’t help but note that this reviewer opted for our standard admissions editing service for the purpose of this study. Fair enough. But while our basic service still stands head-and-shoulders above the competition, Wordvice’s Admissions Editing Services are in another league altogether, offering authors more extensive feedback about content, a full “Admissions Checklist” assessing writing elements, and a review letter explaining any major revisions and how the editor approached these issues. Customers who choose this service have a 95% satisfaction rate, and many choose to come back to Wordvice for editing on their other admissions documents.

Wordvice has eight different pricing tiers, with rates as low as 4 cents per word for a seven-day turnaround…The five-day turnaround tier was only marginally more expensive.”

Writing a great personal essay can mean the difference between getting accepted into the school of your dreams and becoming just another application in the recycling bin. We would like to thank the team at Wired.com for highlighting the importance of editing your admissions essays, and we invite you to try our essay editing services today and see for yourself how professional editing can give you the edge that your writing needs. Although it has been a couple of years since this article came out, our admissions editing service client satisfaction rate has only improved.

Best of luck to all college and university applicants in 2022-2023 and Happy Admissions Essay Writing from Wordvice!