Nov 1, 2018

A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing the Graduate SOP and Recommendation Letter

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Graduate Admissions Webinar: Writing the Statement of Purpose and Recommendation Letter

Title: Improving Your Graduate School Admissions Essays: Statement of Purpose and Recommendation Letters

Instructor: Kevin J. Heintz (MA English), Senior Editor at Wordvice

Wordvice Webinar Series presents a web lecture on writing essential essays for admissions to graduate school. Join writing coach and Wordvice Senior Editor Kevin J. Heintz on a guided tour of the essential graduate school essays: the Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation. These two documents are required for admission to most graduate programs around the world, and the strength of writing, organization, and content in these essays can mean the difference between getting into the school of your choice and being rejected.

This interactive lecture will show you what to include in these documents, how to structure them, where to begin using brainstorming and pre-writing techniques, and how to edit and revise your first draft. The lecture will also include an analysis of a successful Statement of Purpose, a strong Letter of Recommendation, and a workshop on revising and editing your essays.

Graduate Admissions Seminar Content

  • Overview of important documents for admission to graduate programs
  • The Statement of Purpose: Content, Structure, and Sample Analysis
  • Personal Essay Brainstorming and Prewriting Techniques
  • Tips for Writing a Strong Recommendation Letter
  • SOP Essay Editing Workshop
  • Q&A session

For additional information on admissions essays and academic writing, visit the Wordvice Resources page. And don’t forget to receive SOP editing and recommendation letter editing before submitting your application materials to universities.

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