Nov 15, 2017

All You Need to Know About the Letter of Recommendation

Wordvice KH

The letter of recommendation (LOR) is a crucial component in your graduate school application package. Two or more strong letters of recommendation from trusted professors or employers will bolster your CV and SOP and help you get into the graduate program of your choice. In this video, we give you a complete discussion of who to ask for your LORs, how to ask them, and what you need to include.

Who will find this information useful?

  • Anyone planning to apply to US graduate programs
  • Undergraduates and transfer students to US graduate programs
  • Non-traditional prospective graduate students who have spent years outside of the university

This video will provide you with:

  • FAQ and answers about the letter of recommendation
  • Information about which documents to prepare
  • Explanation about how to request and submit your LOR

Video Outline:

  1. Frequently asked questions
  2. What is the LOR? Who do you ask to write it and how?
  3. What needs to be included?
  4. When does it need to be submitted?
  5. Follow-up after requesting an LOR
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