Sep 23, 2022

How to Use Articles (a,an,the)–Article Flowchart

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In a recent study we conducted to analyze our clients’ writing mistakes, we discovered that our clients frequently misused determiners like articles (a, an, and the). In fact, an overwhelming 62% of grammar mistakes found in their writing were related to article use.

This statistic is understandable when one considers that the native languages of many of our authors might not use determiner words like “a,” “an,” and “the.” Upon further examination of our clients’ writing, we found that article misuse seems to arise largely from a misunderstanding of how to format countable and uncountable nouns.

  • Countable nouns are nouns that can be counted (e.g., apples and ideas).
  • Uncountable nouns are nouns that can’t be counted (e.g., research and water).

To help correct this problem, we’ve prepared a flowchart that will help you navigate article usage based on whether a noun is countable or uncountable.

article usage flowchart, a an the

*To download, click on the link at the top of this article (just below the article title).

Keep in mind that these rules are general, and as with many aspects of the English language, there are some exceptions. To learn more about these exceptions, please feel free to click on the links below.

We hope these grammar tips have helped clarify how to use articles like “a,” “an,” and “the” in your research and academic writing! Now that you are pros, let your writing shine!

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