Finding the Best Online Editing & Proofreading Service

Do you have an essay or paper you need to revise before submission?

Are you looking for an editing and proofreading service you can count on to finalize your document and make it compelling, easy to read, and free of language errors?

Since you have landed on this page, the answer to at least one of these questions is likely “yes.” Luckily, we are here to provide a few pointers for how to assess the validity and quality of proofreading services online before you pay for even one word of editing.

  1. Why should you use a professional editing company to proofread and edit your work? There are several approaches to editing and proofreading your work. You can do it yourself if you feel your level of understanding of English grammar, punctuation, style and formatting rules are good enough to create an error-free text that meets the standards of similar work to yours. You can also entrust your writing to a friend or peer with editing skills, or a professional freelance editor or proofreader with expertise in the subject area of your document. These are all good options if you are sure about the ability of the editor (or you have enough money to pay a very good freelancer). However, editing and proofreading online has become the standard method of revision for many university research departments and medical institutions because of the efficiency of the service, the quality of the revision, and the service guarantees of the companies. Online editing platforms, if managed properly, can offer very high levels of editing quality. But after deciding to go with an online proofreader or editor, the question remains: Which editing and proofreading service should you choose for the needs of your document?
  2. How to choose an online editing or proofreading service There are several criteria to keep in mind when deciding on an online editing platform. The most important factor is revision quality, of course. But that is only one aspect of these services. Any editing company worth your money and time and worthy of editing your important work will meet all the following criteria. Use this as a rough guide when searching for the best editing and proofreading online.
    1. Have a proven record of professional editing and proofreading work
      Editing and proofreading services that have been around for a few years and that have edited thousands of documents will most likely offer superior quality, seeing as they have remained competitive in a growing industry. Consider how long the company has been in operation: Did this company open last year, or have they been around for at least five years? Do they have a record of how many clients they have served? Avoid companies that do not disclose how many editing and proofreading clients have used their services, and always ask for more client data before purchasing a revision package from any newly founded online company.

      Quick search tip: Check the Wordvice About Us page of your target proofreading or editing service’s website for details about years of operation and numbers of clients.
    2. Employ many qualified editors
      Having a handful of highly skilled editors and proofreaders on staff is a good sign. Having many freelance editors available is also very important. But not many professional editing companies have hundreds of well-qualified editors at hand to handle a wide range of academic and scientific documents. Additionally, any good editing company will list the subject areas in which their academic editors have a proven background and sufficient experience. For admissions documents like the Statement of Purpose and letter of recommendation, editors should show a background in editing admissions essays. In other words, online platforms that do not list their editors’ qualifications anywhere on the site probably have editors and proofreaders with questionable credentials and less experience. Editing companies that are confident in their editors’ ability will provide some information about the experience and academic backgrounds of their workers.

      Quick search tip: Find the section of the website that introduces the company’s freelance editors to see if they employ any experts in the subject area or topic of your work. You can also email the company and ask if they have such editors working for them.
    3. Display a high client review rating
      Because all of us have shopped online at some point, we all know that customer reviews are often the first resource we use when purchasing a product or service over the Internet. Editing and proofreading services are no different. A reputable company will show at least a few dozen client reviews and testimonials somewhere on their site or in Google searches. Specifically, companies that show ratings from trusted review sources like or Google’s “star rating” system are a better bet for real reviews by real clients. When perusing reviews, check that there is a diverse pool of users from different countries and markets; and look for reviews from clients submitting different types of documents. If you are looking to proofread your academic manuscript, but all the positive reviews are from admissions essay editing clients, then you might want to move on to the next company to find a better match.

      Quick search tip: Check the mixed or neutral reviews as well as highly positive or negative ratings. These are more likely to provide measured and reliable feedback, as these reviewers often add more details about any problems or benefits they experienced.
      Check Google Star Reviews and Trust Pilot reviews to find the best proofreading services.
    4. Have affordable editing and proofreading prices
      Unless your revision is being paid for by your university or research institution (or unless you are independently wealthy), cost is obviously an important factor to consider. A good editing service will charge a per-word rate, rather than by the hour or by bulk bundles of words or characters. The average range of editing rates most online platforms offer is already factored into the price, so there shouldn’t be a big disparity in the cost for a given editing or proofreading service when compared to other companies.

      Quick search tip: Look for automatic editing price quotations that instantly provide a quoted price for your order. Avoid companies that request an email or other message from you about the “nature and details of your work” in order to get a quotation. Offer a range of turnaround/delivery times on edited work
    5. Have a simple and convenient ordering process
      Does the editing service provide an instant price quote for editing and proofreading based on word count and delivery time? Can you order editing for your document any time of the day, any day of the year, including on weekends and holidays? Will your order automatically be started and assigned to an editor with expertise in your subject area? If the answer is “no” to any of these questions for a given editing and proofreading firm, then you might want to consider that convenience usually reflects on the quality of the service itself. It’s time to move on to another website.

      Quick search tip: Look for automatic price quotations that instantly provide a quoted price for your order. Avoid companies that request an email or other message from you about the “nature and details of your work” in order to get a quotation.
    6. Offer a range of turnaround/delivery times on edited work
      Although some online editing services tout lightning-fast turnaround (otherwise known as “delivery time”) as a main feature of their service to distinguish themselves from competitors, be warned that many of these companies likely offer a lower quality of editing. Good editing and proofreading take time, and the editing process demands a lot of focus and attention from the editor. Look for a range of turnaround times—from 24 hours to a few days and everything in between. Because proofreading online means finding a suitable editor to revise your work, there will often be a slight lag between submitting your order and assigning it to the proper editor. Top professional proofreading and editing companies understand this and adjust their turnaround times to fit with the schedules of their qualified editors.
      Wordvice Editing Service provides several turnaround times, which determine the editing rate. (The word count here is 100 words.)

      Quick search tip: Check that a company’s turnaround time and editing rates are shown on the website and make sure that the delivery times and corresponding rates are reasonable.
    7. Offer a service guarantee on the quality of their editing and proofreading
      The best companies in any industry understand that quality is paramount, and that the customer is the king/queen. Look for editing companies that stand behind their work and offer quality guarantees on the quality for their editing and proofreading services. “Money-back guarantees” or “satisfaction guarantees” can reassure authors who are hesitant to throw hundreds of dollars into a poorly revised paper.

      Quick search tip: Look for details about what these service guarantees include before buying. Is the work guaranteed to be free of errors? Is the author guaranteed to be “satisfied”? And what is the company promising in case you are not quite satisfied with your editor’s work—can you receive additional editing or proofreading for free?
    8. Assure security and confidentiality of client information and documents
      Security and privacy are crucial in this age of storing information in the vast online “cloud.” Authors need to ensure that their personal information—as well as their intellectual property—remain safe and confidential. Editing service sites that use data encryption and 2-step verification are more likely to treat their clients’ work with caution and care. And because your work is being handled by third-party editors and project managers, good editing companies often require that their employees sign non-disclosure agreements and promise not to reveal any client information or work details without incurring legal repercussions.

      Quick search tip: Look for information on the website detailing what the company provides to ensure secure payment and the privacy of uploaded text files.
    9. Provide a high level of customer support (and after sales service)
      After paying a premium price for your work to be revised by an online proofreading or editing company, most authors want to be able to easily and conveniently contact a service representative in case there are any problems with their revisions or they have any additional questions or issues to resolve. Client reviews and ratings can provide some insight into a company’s customer support quality. But contact information is perhaps most crucial for site users to be aware of. Does the company have a dedicated phone number for customer support? Do they provide contact details such as email addresses for different requests? If an online editing service website does not provide their contact information, it is best not to trust them with your documents.

      Quick search tip: Look for contact information and customer support details at the top or bottom of a website’s main page. Reputable editing companies make these details visible here on their website’s homepage.

Which online proofreading and editing service should you choose?

If you have read through all these criteria (or if you have just skipped to the bottom), you might still be looking for recommendations for specific editing and proofreading online services to use. Because we certainly do not want to be hypocrites, we here at Wordvice have made it a point to include every single one of these service quality standards to our online revision platform. We have had many years of experience to get it just right and have satisfied thousands of academic, admissions, business, and individual authors during that time. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Wordvice Editing Service to edit or proofread your next document draft:

  1. Established in 2013, Wordvice has handled over 100,000 documents for thousands of researchers, students, and business professionals.
  2. We have over 500 of the most qualified and experienced academic editors and admissions editors in the business; each editor has around five years of editing experience on average.
  3. Thousands of our clients have published their academic papers in top research journals and have been admitted to prestigious college and university programs.
  4. We offer top quality proofreading and editing at affordable prices—we pay our editors well (because they are the best), while still offering competitive prices compared to our competitors.
  5. Our editing service ordering process is fully automated—get instant quotations and order editing or proofreading any time of the day, any day of the year.
  6. We provide several choices of delivery time—from express 9- and 24-hour turnaround to 7-day turnaround. Prices are determined by type of editing service and length of turnaround time.
  7. We offer a service guarantee that your paper will be 100% free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics and will edit your paper until it is perfect.
  8. We assure the privacy and confidentiality of your documents through encryption and an NDA signed by all editors and internal staff.
  9. Our 2-step verification process and payment gate provide proven security of all transactions.
  10. Wordvice provides 24/7/365 customer support for all clients, as well as after sales service if any language issues still remain in the document.

So if you are looking for an online platform that meets the most important criteria for premier proofreading and editing online, then we believe Wordvice truly is your best bet.

But don’t take our word for it. Start searching for your editing service of choice by reading some editing service reviews and testimonials by hundreds of satisfied authors who have used our services.

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