Nov 15, 2017

[Video] Essential Admissions Essays for US Graduate Schools (Offline Seminar)

Wordvice KH

The statement of purpose, personal statement, and letters of recommendation are important essays you will need to submit when applying to graduate programs in the United States. This 1-hour offline seminar explains how to approach these important essays.

Who will find this information useful?

  • Anyone interested in applying for graduate school programs in the United States
  • Those who need help organizing and writing their graduate school admissions essays

This video will provide you with:

  • A lecture on the SOP, personal statement, and letters of recommendation
  • In-depth strategies on how to write the SOP
  • Differences between the SOP and personal statement
  • Tips on how to secure a letter of recommendation

Video Outline:

  1. Overview of essential documents
  2. Description of SOP and how to write the essay
  3. Brief summary of the personal statement
  4. Suggestions for securing your letter of recommendation
  5. A sample edit of a statement of purpose
  6. Q & A Session