Mar 23, 2018

How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

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The Importance of Making an Impact with a Research Paper Abstract

The abstract is one of the very most important components of your research paper: it summarizes all of the important information in the body of your paper, helping researchers decide whether to read your article further, and potentially determining whether a journal publishes your manuscript.

However, many beginning research writers are unsure about what to include in the abstract and how to go about drafting one. Distilling the most important information from each section of the paper into a single paragraph is a difficult task in itself–not to mention drawing attention to these most important elements and making them resonate with the reader.

In this online lecture, Wordvice senior editor and content manager, Kevin J. Heintz, takes you on a tour of the scientific abstract: providing a thorough breakdown of the purpose of the abstract; giving a detailed explanation of what needs to be included in each section–and what should be avoided; analyzing actual published journal article abstracts to give a clear example of quality composition; and including some useful tips about keywords and overall academic writing. This webinar will show you how to write a summary of your paper that will help get your paper published by journals and entice fellow researchers to read the full version of your study.

After all, you’ve already put in all the hard work of doing research and analysis. Why not write an abstract that will give your research paper the attention it deserves?

Outline of Webinar Content

1) What is an abstract and what is should it accomplish?

2) Abstract Types

3) Parts of an Abstract

  • Background and Motivation
  • Problem Statement
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion

4) Abstract Examples in Detail

6) What to do After Writing Your First Draft

5)  A Word on Keywords

7)  Common Writing Mistakes

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